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Ready to prepare the perfect surprise?

To start your order, choose from one of our menus below


Price: USD 43 


This is a classic and perfect menu for one breakfast that will make you feel energized and satisfied. If you want to say "Happy Birthday" or just to say "Thank You" then this is the box for you!

Assorted bread (petit pan whole grain & white) 

Choice of 3 cold cuts (ham, salami, turkey breast, sliced cheese) 

Sunnyside up fried egg OR boiled egg 

Grated cheese spread 

Jam & Butter 

Greek yogurt with berry & granola topping 

Orange juice, coffee, tea, sugar & creamer 


Apple upside down pancakes with syrup on the side


Whole seasonal fruit

Garnish and condiments. 

This Journey box will get you well on your way to an amazing start of the day. 


Price: USD 47.50  
Available for two: USD 80  


This gold breakfast box is available for one but also perfect for sharing. How about as an anniversary surprise gift to a special couple? We will help you personalize the box with any special instruction. See our Selections for your Journey page for more add on options 

Assorted bread and croissant 

Choice of 2 cold cuts (ham, salami, turkey, chicken breast, cheese) 

Grated cheese spread

Homemade tuna salad

Homemade egg salad 

Jam & butter 

Fresh fruit salad 

Greek yogurt with fruit topping & granola


Pancakes with syrup on the side 

Orange juice, coffee, tea, sugar & cream 


Garnish and condiments 

This Journey box has that little touch of extra to brighten your day or occasion



Price: USD 57 
Available for two: USD 97.50 

This box is like Sunday brunch. For anyone celebrating something special this breakfast kick starts the festivities right away with a special surprise gift included with the purchase of this box. 

Assorted bread (2) 

Bagel & Croissant 

Bread with Brie topped with honey & walnuts 

Scrambled eggs 

Homemade tuna salad and crab salad 

Smoked salmon 

Cream cheese 

Jam & butter 

Banana split (Greek) yogurt parfait 


Apple upside down or blueberries pancakes with syrup on the side

Orange juice, coffee, tea, sugar & cream 

Fresh fruit salad 


Garnish and condiments. 

Small bottle of Prosecco 

This Journey box is a royal treat with all homemade salads and includes a small bottle of bubbles (your choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic)


Price: USD 48 
Available for two: USD 85.50 

All American

This box will make you feel like you are on vacation and just got served breakfast in bed straight from the hotel buffet. A tasty way to let someone know you love & appreciate them but also a great way to say Thank You.

This Journey box is pure comfort food and perfect if you are not watching calories.

Orange juice 

Coffee/ tea with sugar & cream 

Yogurt with berries & granola topping

Fresh fruit salad 

Hash brown 

Breakfast sausage & bacon 

Sunnyside up eggs or scrambled eggs 

Buttermilk pancakes with syrup on the side 

Croissant & bagel 


Waffle with (fruit) topping 

Jam & butter 

Cream cheese 

Sliced cheese 


Price: USD 48.50

New Mom

This breakfast is tailored to the needs of new moms. Not only does it help strengthen their bodies but it provides a boost for breast milk production. The perfect combination for mom and baby as they start this new Journey together and have very specific needs. 

Smoothie: oats almond milk, banana, peanut butter & honey

Oatmeal / Chia bowl with almond milk, raisins, nuts, banana & honey topping

Hummus with flatbread 

Fresh fruit salad with a topping 

Omelet with fresh basil, tomato & cheese 

Whole wheat roll 


Jam & butter 

Greek yogurt with berries & granola topping 

Special nursing mom tea 

Muffin banana/walnuts 

Waffle with topping (dates, nuts & fruit) 

Dutch treat beschuit met muisjes (blue or pink) 

Garnish and condiments 

This Journey box is a thoughtful gift  for mom and child.


Price: USD 52
Available for two: USD 88.50 

A wonderful way to surprise someone who is health-conscious & has a meat-free lifestyle. Variation is key in this box and will show your thoughtful side to someone that prefers a protein-packed breakfast to boost their energy for the day. 

Coffee/tea, sugar & cream 

Smoothie:  oats almond milk, dates, banana, peanut butter & honey 

Toasted veggie sandwich with lettuce, alfalfa, cream cheese / avocado mash

Veggie wrap with hummus  

Oatmeal/chia /raisin bowl with almond milk, topping of banana, almonds & shredded coconut 

Fresh fruit salad 

Banana split (Greek) yogurt parfait 

Buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chip or apple

Whole wheat petit pan and croissant 

Jam, butter & sliced cheese 


Garnish and condiments 

This Journey box has that added protein punch to supercharge someone's day. 


Price: USD 42

This breakfast has sweet treats for those who love some sugar in the morning. Typical Dutch items in a breakfast that combines hearty with sweet and gives that satisfaction to the kid in you. 

Koffie of chocolade melk

Orange juice of appel juice

Yoghurt met cruesli

Fruit (appel, peer of sinaasappel) 

Pannekoeken met stroop/poeder suiker

Ontbijtkoek en stroopwafel

Muesli/krenten bol met Gouda Jonge kaas

Volkoren sneetje met hagelslag 

Chocolade croissant

Beschuit (2) 

Sneetje brood met pindakaas en plakjes banaan

Uitsmijter (ei, ham & kaas) op sneetje toast

This Journey box is a treat with childhood memories 

Get well soon

HEALTHY energy boost

Price: USD 48
Available for two: USD 76.50

That special boost of vitamins that is needed when you are not well is who this box is meant for. Send it to let someone know that you wish them a quick and full recovery.

Coffee/tea (chamomile) 

Smoothie: berries OR mango/pineapple 

Greek yogurt parfait with berries 

2 (two) whole fruit (seasonal) 

Simple omelet with tomato, spring onion, bell pepper & cheese 

Oatmeal/Chia bowl with mixed fruit & nuts topping 


2 slices multigrain & one petit pan 

Apple upside down pancakes

Cold cuts: cheese, chicken/turkey breast 

Granola energy bar

Jam, butter 

This Journey box shows that you care when someone is sick and has that extra load of vitamins to support them as they recover. 

journey to the sea

Price: USD 53
Available for two: USD 83

This breakfast gives you your Omega-3s and protein start in an excellent combination of healthy and tasty in one amazing menu. No cold cuts just great quality seafood on your favorite bread.

Coffee/tea with sugar & cream

Creamy dates smoothie

Fruit salad

Croissant & bagel

Multigrain sliced bread & petit pain (white)

Tuna salad & Crab salad

Sliced smoked Norwegian salmon

Mediterranean Sardines in tomato sauce

Boiled egg

Cheese slices (mozzarella & Gouda young)

Cream cheese & butter

Lettuce, tomato & cucumber


Garnish & condiments

This Journey box is great tasting with all home made salads, and high qualtiy and flavorful Norwegian smoked salmon. Our choice of bread variety fits each fish dish perfectly!

Happy & Healthy Journey

Price: USD 48.50 

Breakfast plus small bag of whole fruit

Herbs tea / Chamomile tea

Orange juice  OR Smoothie

Greek yogurt with fruit topping

Choice of:
Sunnyside up egg & sliced avocado OR Boiled egg & sliced avocado

Apple upside-down pancakes

Multigrain sliced bread (2 slices) and one bread roll


Tray of chicken & turkey breast

Tray of sliced cheese

Tray of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber

Bag of fruit includes:








The Journey of a Bride-To-Be

Price: USD  91  

Box décor is white with elegant wedding day highlights and includes:

 a rose and large congratulations helium balloon

Coffee breakfast smoothie

Orange Juice

Chocolate chip pancake tower layered with choice of strawberry or banana

Cheese or Ham/cheese Croissant

Mini sandwiches:
-  Cream cheese / smoked salmon
-  Paté spread

Chocolate covered strawberries

Cheese platter

Small bottle Prosecco

Includes also this special gift box:


The Wedding Day Survival Kit

Variety of mixed nuts

Trail mix

Granola bar

Hershey chocolates


Ferrero Rocher

Mentos Pure Fresh

This thoughtful gift shows your understand that the bride is too nervous to eat. The small portions make it inviting for her to ‘snack’ healthy and  feel energized. The Prosecco will set the tone for celebrating her special day.

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